In honor of Halloween, and in keeping with baseball month, here’s a little post about the sport’s costume-clad mascots.  What I discovered looking up baseball mascots (and you can find them all at  is – baseball has some cute mascots, some funny mascots— and some really, really bad mascots.  Seriously. I  kind of get now why my nephew is scared of these things…  

Mascots seem to fall into a few categories: animals, baseball heads, humans, and “we just gave up on trying to find something that goes with our team so we came up with a demented fuzzy creature and put it in a uniform”.

Of these three categories, I think baseball heads fair best. This includes Cincinatti’s Gapper, New York’s Mr. Met and Atlanta’s Homer:

 While I dont give them big points for creativity – since all three look pretty much the same (love that moustache, Gapper…), these mascots are at least indentifiable as what they are- Baseball Heads. They’re also friendly and clean (if not clean-shaven.) I like these baseball heads.

Animals are sort of okay too. In fact, my favorite mascot might be the baby bald eagle that represents the basement dwelling Washington Nationals. And Im not just saying that because the Nationals used to be the Expos:   The actual bird teams – Blue Jays, Cardinals and Orioles, all go the beaked route, too.  They aren’t bad, either. You’ve also got Billy The Marlin, who sort of looks like he has a beak:

Less cute but still cool is the Detroit Tiger, Paws and Arizona Diamond backs tough-looking Baxter Bobcat. I sort of want to see them fight, but, that’s not really what there for. I have to give the Tiger points off for looking too much like he’s selling Kellogs and Baxter for being a little mean-looking. But, still:     And I dont know if this guy, the Royals mascot, is meant to be a lion or what, but he doesn’t quite pull it off. Not unlike the Royals most of the time. 

The two World Series teams have animal mascots. The Giants, being so close to the harbor, picked a seal. I didnt know this til I read it because they gave their seal legs, which I guess is necessary, but, still: .  I actually like Lou the seal, because of his connection to the team’s park and also he’s just cute. He’s one of my favorites, inaccurate legs or none. What I don’t like is the Rangers mascot which is somewhat horrific:

Whoa! What’s with the gigantic head? I guess it’s Texas, so the mascot needs to be a horse.  

Then we get to the humanish mascot category. 

Here you have to be careful, MLB teams; there’s a thin line between Jolly Roger the Pirates: a kind of standard issue cartoony dude.And the Brewers Mascot:

  who looks like a guy you avoid at a party. I would be worried if a kid weren’t a little afraid of this guy. There’s also the Padre ( who reminded of the old PC Friar before they turned him into a dalmation. But that’s another story.)  In any case, I think these human mascots would be better if they had baseball heads. What do you think?

And now we get to the category where the mascot-creators just went full-on muppet.  Granted, sometimes this works, as with the classic Phillie Phanatic:

 and the now-retired Montreal Expos Youppi.

But Tampa, did you need to put hair on the Ray?  

Chicago – what is this?

And Cleveland, props for not having a guy in red-face running around, but :   ????!!! 

I think it’s going to eat that kid.  And  I think baseball is going overboard with the zany monsters.

Though I do have to note,  I give Boston a pass because it’s Wally The Green Monster actually corresponds somewhat to its park’s Green Monster wall. I do prefer the big red sock, but that’s me.

 Here’s a question- why arent there any female mascots? Or apparently, there aren’t any, I could be wrong.

I haven’t include all the mascots here. Seattle has a decent moose. The Rockies have a purple dinosaur which seems a little too Barney-esque. Then there’s the Yankees. I don’t think they have a mascot anymore. Oh, wait, I forgot:

Happy Halloween, baseball fans.


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