My favorite ….online procrastination tools

I will put aside seriousness for a sec here and post some fun stuff I use to avoid work. Here’s just a smattering (I work on line, so I need a LOT of procrastination sites…) Here’s some more stuff you probably didn’t need to know my opinion on…

Facebook.  It isn’t that the things you, my dear facebook friends, post aren’t noteworthy, but I probably don’t need to check this site twenty times a day as if something there is going to break the monotony of my job, answer the question about my writing that I can’t figure out, or in some way transform my existence. I have to say, besides keeping in touch with friends and family, and posting pictures of the kids, FB has proven an awesome tool for keeping me updated on stuff like Doctors Without Borders, the Haiti rescue center I’ve been talking about, and other organizations doing stuff I want to keep in mind, day-to-day.  Plus, the show Psych posts, so, there you are. Speaking of which

PSYCH game page,   Shawn and Gus are my favorite fictional characters right now, maybe Gus even more than Shawn.  I enjoy their site very much. You can play a car game kind of like a flipped-on-it’s-side version of frogger, a game where you try to land pretzels (HANOVER pretzels) in various office recepticals, a thing called pineapple bowling- pineapples are big on that show, and other things. It’s a fun little place to spend some quality time that you should be spending on your script, your paid job, or other things. – I run hot and cold with this site. Lately, I’ve been warm. I used to not get what the appeal was of “clips” that are shown on this tv site- why would I only want to see a clip of a one hour show? But then I realized some programs, like “What Would You Do?” (with JOHN QUIONES!) 

 or SNL are sometimes filled with boring set-up and if you watch just a clip, you can skip over the boring stuff. I dont dig the commercials, but who does? Just hit mute and get over it. Most of my favorites – The Office, Community, Modern Family, Nor Ordinairy Family- are on this site. So, it’s been coming in handy.  – A few years ago, I saw an ad on craigslist that, no lie, changed the direction of my life. Since then, I have not found anything useful on this site, but I keep looking.

Huffington Post. I have a love-hate relatioship with this site. On one hand, I dig editor Arianna Huffington for her  entrepreneurial new media savvy, but on the other hand, they have a lot of tabloid crap on this site, way too many posts that are just hatin’ on this or that, and it is a pain in the butt to load, for some reason. However, there is a surprising depth of content on here – most of it admittedly left leaning – from politics, to aid and development to environmental stuff. And the authors are sometimes quite good. So, I check in.

Twitter.  For a long time I thought I was on team facebooker in the war of facebook vs. twitter, but I think Twitter is actually a better fit for me. It’s shorter. It’s less up in my business. And celebrities are on there actually yapping, like William Shatner    (^%# Shat says…)

 You dont just hit “like” on fb’s bootleg wikipedia-style page for this or that actor and then have to read a bunch of posts by obssessive fans.  Plus, Twitter gives me different info than Facebook, because Im following different groups.  More importantly, It’s got insane, stupid trending topics I can search for an hour when I’m putting off work. Some total strangers write some funny stuff I feel I am better off for having read. No, really.  Twitter has its downside too, like some people over-tweet and most of my friends arent on it. But that just makes me feel like a cool rebel being there. Me and William Shatner.

Google News. This is an awesome procrastination tool. You can search news headlines from all over the world and keep updated or you can search things and see what’s the latest. Google exists to sort out stuff for you, so why not let them do so as they continue to take over the world? –  New information about human genetics? Check. Review of latest Broadway show? Check? Update on some study about fattening foods? Check? Nick Kristof’s blog entry from somewhere in the third world? Check. Noble Laureate Paul Krugman being sarcastic about the economy ? Check. Vapid lifestyles article? Check. Archive search function that lets me go back to 1851? Check. This site can literally kill an entire afternoon.

 (Krugman with the paper of record…)  – You go on to this site which collects top tv headlines, and you click the link and learn what’s new on your favorite show. There’s tons on here -links to  casting info, spoilers, recaps- and it’s updated almost every day. Downside, a lot of the “buzzy” shows get a lot more coverage than other shows that are lower profile. So, if you’re not a Glee fan you may not be as excited – but you’ll probably still find something. 

And don’t forget to stop by  which is the coolest tv site of all 🙂

Anyhow, that’s it. Pretty boring. I need a better topic for next time.


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