World AIDS Day


Besides December being that time of the year when we celebrate Christmas, December also begins with World AIDS Day. 

AIDS remains a huge scourge not only in the developing world  but here in the USA too. Check some American AIDS stats here.   (Thanks for the link, Karen…) .  I would break it down into which demographic groups are most effected, but, really, we’re all human – and that’s who is hurt by AIDS – human beings. 

Here are some more facts:  Where to get an HIV test near you,   Doctors Without Borders Fact Sheet: Kids & AIDSPIH on AIDS in Haiti and beyond… 

 Here are some of the many organizations dedicated to fighting AIDS:  Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS , Black AIDS Institute , Keep A Child AliveElton John AIDS Foundation ,

And here’s a video that says a lot in less than 2 minutes:  


And here’s another one from 2008,  showing one of the very sad costs of AIDS but some hope, too:  (2 minutes)


Thanks for reading.


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