Radio Free Beth’s Christmas Playlist

Here’s a nice peppy one to start off. The Danesco boys love this. 

 I remember seeing this video on VH1 when I was kid. I think Alex was there. It was hilarious. Dorks! 

Remember seeing this movie?   The song was the highlight.

Music playing on the radio… 

This is funny I just saw this for the first time today; and it also sounds good!

JOY! We  love you, Aretha! 

The holiday music this year really made me realize how great some of these guys’ voices were. We should listen to them during the whole year, mix it in on the radio…I mean,  listen to  Bing Crosby…  (Danny %$##ing Kaye not included).

I’m not fan of crass commercialization, Target,  but your song has been going through my head all week and it’s kind of funny and this is how kids think!

The snow’s coming down/I’m watching it fall….

This song includes the line “mother Mary” so I thought I’d throw it in.   

 Drumming like Olympus on the Serengetti…   Thanks to Janet and Becca for reminding me of this one.

Let’s all get mello for a moment.

I read this is the most overplayed Christmas carol  (well, according to Time Magazine.) I think they may have a point. The world would be a better place if Johnny was the only person allowed to record it. My mother would agree.

This  song seems to fit the season of giving and  reminds me of the past year…

I love how Nat King Cole sings this song with all these sentimental lyrics, this sweet holiday traditional song —while still looking like the coolest man in the world.

And you know who isn’t the coolest man in the world? This guy. But he doesn’t seem to mind because, for real, with a voice like that, nerdling is fine….

Here’s one last nice one.  I just found this version today.

And let me end with one for the end of the year, or the start of the new year.   Hope this is a season of love for all of you reading this.  

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.



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