Pirates for Bone Marrow


“Avast, me hearties, get to swabbing!”  

I was thinking how all you have to do is a cheek swab to get on the marrow registry and it made me think of pirates swabbing the deck.  This made me realize I never knew what the heck “avast me hearties” exactly meant. So I looked it up.

Apparently, the term “avast”- 0ften used by said pirates – means  “Stop what you’re doing and look at this here!” or “Hold up and check this out!” 

 “Me Hearties” means “my comrades, friends,  fellow sailors.”

So I would say to you: “Avast, me hearties: it’s so easy to swab your cheek and get on the bone marrow registry to maybe save a life…’  (In case youre just joining us, this is Bone Marrow Registry month on One Page For lol)

Pirates, except the real ones who kill people, are cool:

Pirates of the Carribbean: best ride


The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything


The late, great Roberto Clemente

Geoffrey Rush who was awesome in The King's Speech


And of course:  The Pirate Movie .  (A happy ending?!)

 It would also be cool if you contacted Marrow.org and ordered your kit and get on the registry.   No plank walking required! It’s not an arrrrgh-duous task. lol.

I’m going in for my pre-donation exam tomorrow. I’ll let you know what it’s like.

Thanks for reading!

Thanks for reading


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