Bottled Whaaaaat?

I’m taking a break from the ongoing story of my stem cells for EARTH DAY. ūüôā I decided this was a good time for me to examine some of my (bad) consumer habits and start some better-for-the-earth ones.

I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about bottled water but I don’t really drink it so I never gave the criticisms much thought. But then I realized in fact I do drink bottled water- the 2 liter kind.¬† Man, I¬†thought I was doing a good thing, leaving behind diet soda with its aspartame and teeth rotting properties for crisp and refreshing seltzer…the 88 cent kind they have at Shaw’s. Raspberry, mm, delicioso.

But¬†¬†recently, as I see the old bottles collect in the recycle bin, I’ve been thinking, maybe my 2 liter bottles arent any better than those little bottles environmentalists are telling us to jettison for tap. These guys use the tap and they’re fine:

To be more specific, I drink like, I don’t know 4-8 two-liters of seltzer a month. That’s could be almost 100 plastic two liter bottles per year- for just me. That’s a lot of plastic for something I can get out of my tap after it takes a journey through my Pur filter.

Now, yes, I know plastic can be¬†recycled. And while I can’t guaruntee¬†Foxboro recycling¬†goes to some place that turns it into more bottles and not plastic crap that gets thrown away anyhow, I’ll leave that question for another day.¬† But I do recycle.¬†Plastic bottles go in the blue bin, it’s second nature. However…what about the rest of water’s¬†so-called carbon¬†footprint?

Well,¬†I’ve just read in several places¬†(including off this flow chart) ¬†that the amount of OIL it takes to make the plastic for America’s bottled water per year is enough to fuel¬†1 million cars for a year.¬† I dont know if they’re talking little bottled waters or what, but if they arent even factoring in the big ones in that figure, that’s even worse….I mean, it’s not a huge percentage, but it’s something… especially when it is¬†, in many cases, totally unnecessary for people to¬†purchase.

Also, there’s the transportation costs of bringing water from one place, often a tap in another city, bottling it, and shipping it down the street to the local store near me.¬† That’s more fossil fuels used. (On the other hand, turning on my faucet and filling my filter container is pretty cheap. lol.) And, to make a bottled water – an individual one – it takes three times the water that’s actually in the bottle. That seems a bit wasteful.

So, it’s more expensive than tap, it uses more resources- fuel and water -than tap. It seems like a good thing to stop consuming without thinking. And¬† I don’t have to quit seltzer completely, I can just cut down and still do my tiny¬†part. Because seltzer¬†is so bubbly and delicious.

So, I’m going tap for most of my water needs.¬†¬† ¬†Speaking of tap, Dule Hill…¬†“Whaaaat!!!?” (That one was for Psych fans and also ties in nicely to my title…)

I’m trying to think of what else I can do to be more of a greener citizen. One thing I’m kicking around is only eating meat once a week. For a person with a turkey bacon habit like mine, that could get rough….


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