Another Kind of Call

So I got home last night with a message on our machine from Stacey, my super-nice caseworker with the National Bone Marrow Donor Progam. She told me there was a change of plans and not to get that last test I was planning to get done locally on Wednesday. This didn’t sound good….I hoped it wasn’t the worst-case scenario.

I called Stacey today and she told me there has, in fact, been a postponement. In preparation or his lengthy pre-transplant regime (21 days in the hospital!) – my guy had another cancer detected by his doctors. Another one.  Stacey didn’t know what kind. She did say the decison had gone down that this new cancer had to be taken care of first – involving surgery and maybe other treatment (I forget if she said chemo or radiation) and this would take a few months.  She was now waiting for someone from the program to advise her whether I’d be kept on standby for this guy or put me into the “general population”  in case another match came up.

Of course, I don’t want to be unavailable for this guy. I’m hoping and praying for a recover from Cancer2 for him so we can TCB with Cancer1. I can’t imagine they’d leave him hanging.  Maybe it’s a timeline thing, I don’t know, and being open to a new match and being around for him don’t conflict. And what are the chances Im going to match someone else in a few months times? Pretty vast. In any case, I left it with Stacey I’d do whatever they decide is best, once they know. And I reflected on how all this started with another phone call, tellng me I was a potential match for someone, back in the winter.

I liked that call a lot better.

I’ll keep you posted. Thanks to everyone who’s been so supportive- and if you’re thinking about getting on the registry – go for it!


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