3:30 check in

Around 2-230 I got Gandhi some new food. It’s cheap yet still “gourment”. It’s got worms and cranberries in it and all kinds of soy stuff. Soy is everywhere in the world… I look around the pet store at how much money we spend on our pets. I love animals and believe they should be well-treated. I believe the same about humans and think about what we could do if we spent as much on famine relief.

Im in a dollar store kind of place. School supplies are cheap. I think of the supply needs of Sheepfold School. My church did a pen/pencil/notebook drive for them once, I don’t think it was very cost efficient.

And then CVS. I notice two things – one, there is food EVERYWHERE in this store; this is so the land of plenty…. and two, wait, what was the second thing? lol. I need watermelon lol….My parents and I get some stuff for the upcoming trip and also remark on how tempting it is to buy a lot of stuff we don’t need.  It was also cool to be a little bit hungry and see a lot of tempting foods and not  to just automatically buy what I wanted. A reminder of how so many people live.

My mind goes back to how people starving in Somalia have to leave their dead on the side of the road and go on without a burial or funeral for them, just leave. Grief and loss can happen anywhere- it’s happening in my extended family, it’s happened to random victims in the affluent country of Norway, it’s happening in Haiti just off the coast of our own country, it’s happening in eastern Africa. What’s preventable, what’s not, what’s the way to react, handle it, help? Things to think about.

Now it’s 3:30, and while I am not hungry (watermelon is a powerful food! lol)  I’m a little tired and I need to hydrate.  Gandhi loved his  new turtle chow.


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