Follow the mini-semi-fast lol


: Ive been up for about an hour (I know most people have to get up early to work than 30 minutes before they log in!). Im not really hungry yet so Im putting off my watermelon of the morning. I was thinking how usually the first thing I complain about during the day is how long it takes my computer to load and get online. Maybe I should come up with something useful to do in that time frame instead of complaining about something really minor. Im waiting for a call from my aunt about my cousin. It’s a horrible time for them. I just read an editorial by a guy in Norway about the shooting. He was talking about the subway and I was visualizing it. It’s so weird I’ve been on the Oslo subway…. Fact I learned: 20k kids per day die of malnutrition

9:33: My mother made a cinnamon muffin. I am working in the kitchen. Danger Will Robinson. lol


10:00: All right, breaktime; let's have some watermelon!


10:45 Just wanted some chocolate. So automatic to eat whatever I want when I want it.

11:04: Agua. Nearly 1 billion people don’t have access to potable water. (


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