Home Stretch


Just finished cleaning out a box in my closet. I found an old Christmas card that the Sheepfold kids all signed. These are real kids dealing with hunger and cholera….

Found other stuff – a prayer about learning from bad experience or something….a poem on Silence by Edgar Lee Master’s. Said something about the silence of nations and I thought of Norway.

I talked to my friend in Oslo today. Life is going on, and his main reflection remains that whatever someone’s beliefs, if you mow down kids, you’re crazy- Muslim, Christian, whatever. I think this shooting has taught us that people we rule as “terrorists” are also just nuts. He also mentioned that no one there is talking about bringing back the death penalty. That’s not how they roll in Norge. And I take some comfort in that.

 I saw a picture of  the 7th graders I taught fulltime years ago. We did a fast once. One kid kept asking if milk was okay. lol. He was a good kid. Wow that was a long time ago.

My parents are having dinner: chicken dogs.  Smells good! I could eat about 3 lol.  Actually, my mom is having Kix. She’s showing me how the blueberries all sunk to the bottom of the bowl.  That’s weird. I have a bad habit of wasting milk- I always put too much in my cereal and then pour it out before I eat. Is it that complex to pour less milk ? For real lol.

watermelon is good stuff. I just had a slice for dinner and I have to say, I dont feel hungry as much as my stomach’s just kind of off. No, I’m kind of hungry. lol

This has been a good experience. I didnt really do anything but what little tweaks I made caused me to look at some stuff I usually don’t look at …

Newshour just said 10 tons of food or something have landed in eastern Africa. I hate to think how many people are going hungry tonight like they did last night and like they will tomorrow. Action!


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