Re-newification (with Watermelon…)

I’ve decided to do a fast Wednesday.  Well, a mini-semi-fast. From 8-8 I will only drink water and have some watermelon at regular meal times. Why watermelon? Because it’s there. lol.

People fast for a lot of reasons, mine is to pause my thinking throughout the day and consider two ideas : one, there are a lot of people in need and two, I have so much to be grateful for. If I have a day where I keep thinking these things when I feel like eating, I think I will have a re-focused heart and mind and renewed focus as I go about my day to day life after Wednesday. Well, at least for a while lol. God willing.

I am doing this Wednesday because my family is going on vacation starting Friday and I intend to be mainly absorbed in fun and chillaxing. lol. So this is a good time to, again, remember not everyone gets that and be super grateful I do and think about how I can put my graditude into action.  The drop in the bucket, and so on and you know what I’m saying.

There are specific situations that have been on my mind the last week or so and these will be on my mind as I’m doing this mini-semi-fast. They are:

I have a cousin who so sadly has all but lost a battle with cancer. I will be thinking of her, how precious life and time is, the impact one life has on so many people, and how her immediate family came together to take care of her. That’s how we all need to be with each other.

I will be thinking of Oslo and Norway. People who know me know I have been there twice to visit a great friend of mine.  Oslo is a cool, fun, open, safe, cosmopolitan, historic, just fantastic city. It has  inspired my writing and my sense of adventure. I love Oslo. Norway is a wonderful country. They had a horrible thing happen. I will be thinking of how important it is to work towards peace and how people just getting along with each other and making a place for each other is so important.

I will be thinking of Haiti. Between cholera coming back with a vengence and the usual issues, this country is so in need. Sheepfold School had 12 kids with cholera according to an email from Fr Luc.  If you want to know about life in the trenches there please check out the amazing blog of Real Hope For Haiti (link below). They will get into your head – in a good way.  I will be thinking of how many people, for no reason other than where they live, don’t have the basics. But they keep going forward. And there are people who dedicate their whole lives to helping other people. They don’t tune out the need. That’s amazing to me.

And I will be thinking of east Africa. There is an official famine in Somalia due to drought and war. Hundreds of thousands of people are in refugee camps looking for food and help. Ethiopia, Kenya and Dijibouti are also in the crosshairs of this. I hate how this goes on and other news items get so much attention. Or how we have become used to this kind of thing. I will be thinking about how many people have so little to eat and so much struggle to get it.

If you are interested in any of these concerns:

From everything I’ve heard the hospice home my cousin was at was awesome to her. I don’t know what her family will officially request but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind people donating to it: Home & Hospice Care of RI

Real Hope for Haiti  (takes paypal donations right on the site)  – seriously, check this site out.

Sheepfold of the Good Shepherd School  (address for donations, scroll to bottom)

Oxfam  (in east Africa)  – They’re all over it.

World Food Programme  (in east Africa)  – So are they

Thanks for reading, I’ll let you know how it goes.  Non Apetit!  (lol)


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