He’s baaack….

I got really good news Monday. The man I was supposed to donate stem cells  to through the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry is back on track to get the donation. Last April, a few weeks before the donation was going to happen, it was postponed due to some medical issues  the man was having.

Now, it’s on like a prawn! lol.

I went into Dana Farber  Thursday to reunite with my supernice caseworker Stacey and the supernice nurse practitioner Sue. They did some quick blood tests and I signed a paper and answered a few questions. That was that. 

AND I got good news- the one thing I was concerned about – getting a central line instead of just doing the donation through  an arm vein- is no longer an issue. My veins passed muster this time. That simplified things for me.

The injections to get my marrow to churn out more stem cells begins Sept. 11th. The donation day is Sept. 15th.  I will start blogging about how that all goes when it begins. I really want people to know what the process is like so they can consider getting on the registry  and maybe saving someone’s life.

And I think it’s time to bring out the Dubenko-Morris photos.



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