You know how over the last few years I’ve written a couple entries on “restaveks” — which are the child laborers/borderline slaves in Haiti? 

Restavek means “stay with”.  The parents of these kids have such limited means they send the kids to other people’s homes to work for subsistence, basically, and the kids stay with the families.  (Take a second to imagine being in this position as either the parent or the kid- I can’t even imagine….)

 Often, this turns out to be very bad; the kids don’t go to school, they work like adults at manual labor, they are sometimes beaten and sexually abused. There are an estimated 230-300,000 kids in this situation in Haiti now.

Well,  just today on a blog I read about Haiti, you know Real Hope For Haiti;  I mention it sometimes-   there was a story of 4 sisters  who are among those hundreds of thousands of children. 

 Apparently, they were sent out into this situation by a desperate aunt who was taking care of the kids – and her own eight! — after both the mom and dad of the kids died – just this year. (Take a second to imagine being a kid and losing both your parents…I can’t imagine that…)

Eventually, the aunt found out her nieces were not in good situations, and took them out.  She then went to every source she could to get help (talk about your Super Auntie…:) ) Now the girls are  being helped by the Real Hope for Haiti center and the overall community of Cazale where the center is located.

And the center is asking for people like us  to be a part of that community of helpers, too.  These girls need things-  school sponsorship and other basics, just a little help to make a big difference towards a new start.

And check it: we can offer that little help with a  small donation through the paypal button on their site.  (The blog entry gives you the specifics, too.)   You know where your money is going, and their blog is super-current and always returns to past stories with updates. You will also get an email reciept for your donation.

I think of it this way: for a while, there were adults who were making these girls “stay with”  them and apparently treated them like you would never want your kid treated. Now we have the opportunity to be adults who stand with these girls and help them out.

Every kid needs adults on her side. Kids can’t make it on their own. These are four kids, ages 14, 12, 8, and 6 who all have the same potential as any children, and the same right to reach it.  And they can, with help.

So, I’m just putting it out there for anyone who wants to join this group of people helping out these girls.  There is also the Restavek Freedom Foundation  you might want to check into.

I know this is a time where all kinds of good causes come to mind. Maybe you have another “with list” you’re already on.  So, as always, there’s the bucket. Drop as you see fit.

Thanks for reading today. Have a good weekend.

“The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel–which means, “God with us.””   – MT 1:23


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