Never Say Never

Remember the man I was going to donate some blood stem cells to?   Back in September he was deemed medically unfit for transplant and  the donation was cancelled. The donation journey had ended sadly and I was put back in the donor pool.

Well, I got an email today: time to get out of  the pool.

A new social worker, Peg, let me know The Guy is in remission and ready for the transplant ASAP!! And they mean it:  I’m scheduled to go in to Dana Farber on January 17th and donate!  So, how do you like them apples?

I am so happy for this guy and his family. This is the last thing I thought would happen. A while ago I even made myself throw out my red donor card to accept the fact the process was over and done.  But, lol, this freaking guy!  I can’t believe the strength he has!  He Just. Keeps. Coming.  Back. 


So, so much for over and done. (I hesitate to ever post a link to a Justin Bieber song,  but…) . In keeping with my original plan, — wow, nine months ago! — I’m going to keep checking in with the different stages of the donation process to try to show it’s doable and not scary. I’m going into Boston tomorrow to refresh their information on my health with a few tests and another quick exam with Sue the nurse practitioner. I’ll let you know more specifics after this.

By the way, as you read this, take a moment to get on the bone marrow registry.  You can do this and save someone’s life and give them precious time with their loved ones. YOU can. And you can get on the registry without even leaving your home!

So, that’s the twist of the day. Thanks for reading.

And now, I’m paging Dr. Morris and Dr. Dubenko, the game’s back on.

(I will keep posting this picture to amuse my sister. lol).


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