Every Kid, Every Month

I came up with an idea a few weeks before the holidays – see what you think– to make this year at One Page For all about kids.

By that I mean, even when I switch topic month-to-month I will keep a focus on children in some way. This could be local kids, kids internationally, how media or war or education affects kids, kids’ health, kids’ movies, kids who drive me crazy. (lol). This year, I’m going to focus my “looking into things” on issues related to children. Because too many kids don’t have what every kid deserves.

To that end, I wanted to start with my own personal laundry list of what every kid deserves.

Every kid deserves decent food, potable water, suitable clothing and shelter, education, access to health care, a safe, healthy community, and,  so importantly,  a secure home where he or she is surrounded by loving and competent adults, plus also, a chance to practice or experience his or her culture or religion and a chance to BE A KID – fun, recreation, peace of mind, time to imagine, and not a fulltime job in a dump or a mine.

With this list in mind, I’m setting out on a year long kid-centric expedition. I welcome any comments, suggestions, guest blogs, from any of you who have kids or work with kids or just love kids.

I had such a wonderful holiday watching my nieces and nephews be surrounded by love, security, warmth, nurture and fun. Everything they needed and most stuff they wanted. EVERY KID deserves that.

Let’s see what the year brings.


PS – Don’t worry I will also still be updated in my pbsc donation and other random stuff I know you love to read about LOL.


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