Once More With Feeling…

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy donor day.  After being medically cleared for liftoff on Friday via phone by Nurse Practioner Sue, I did one last pre-donation test at a lab here locally on Monday and thought I was done with all the preamble. But then Monday night I get a message from Stacey, my coordinator/caseworker,  who said the donor center (where the guy is being treated) needed one more round of samples. Okay, fine, I can run down to the lab on my lunch break tomorrow, get it done.

So I get up yesterday morning and I have an email  from Stacey that it isn’t just a test the lab can do. She has to send me test tubes and they have to be shipped to her to be shipped to the donor center. All right, slight complication. I have to wait for the test tubes she overnighted, go to a different lab because the first one won’t let me leave with samples (it’s my own blood!)  and find a FedEx box. And this while I’m on the clock at work because, as it turns out, the tubes didnt get to me til 2pm, long after when I can log out for lunch.

The takeaway for the day is to laugh and appreciate bizarre moments in life that will never come again. Case in point:  at about 3pm on a sunny, windy, cold Tuesday, I’m trotting down the sidewalk at Patriot Place, head towards the B&W clinic there, carrying  a box of test tubes and a FedEx envelope .  And all of a sudden the speakers along the sidewalk start blasting this song:

LOL.  LOL.  And then I drove around looking for a FedEx box no longer worried if I was missing another ten minutes of work. I realized that this is the most important thing I’m going to be doing for the next week, this donation, and whatever else has to be slighted, it’ll be all right.  People will understand.  I also realized, along with knowing I have this responsibility, I have to realize the other people involved all know what they’re doing and it’ll all work out. I don’t need to worry about anything, I just need to do as directed. And in place of worrying, I can insert appreciating the moment.

I found a FedEx box , no problem, and mailed my blood to Boston, which sounds like I run some mailorder boutique on the show True Blood.

(I don’t watch that show, but I wanted to prove I can add Zejko Ivanek into anything. Click on the image, it moves lol.)

Anyhow, the pre-amble is over and now here’s what’s on tap:

FRIDAY: I go to Dana Farber and they give me a shot of this stuff that makes my marrow churn out stem cells double-time, priming me for collection. I will stay there an hour to make sure I have no reaction to the stuff. 

SATURDAY-MONDAY: A visiting nurse comes to my house and gives me more of this accelerant, let’s call it, so when I go through the juicer I will be chock full of PBSC.  (I threw in the word juicer for my mom.  PBSC dontation doesn’t involve any juicers lol.)

TUESDAY: Go time. I go into DF to TCB. I will be live blogging, don’t you worry lol.  Basically, I will be sitting there for the better part of the day while the blood goes out, the stem cells are collected by a machine, and the blood comes back in. Blood out, Blood In. It’s like the reverse of that movie…

If you’re interested in what The Guy aka Superman aka Houdini 2012 (I’ve decided he should have a variety of names, like a rapper) is going through –  you can read about it  here.   It’s rough. They extra-chemo him and knock out sick cells and the healthy ones in the marrow to make way for…well, for my cells. Wow. That’s crazy.  But it is a rough process. He is probably going through it now or will be shortly. Then he gets my cells in what they call Day Zero.

And then the long road of recovery begins. You can read about all that here.  Basically, my cells will come in, settle right into the marrow and take over creating this dude’s red blood cells. I hope they’re up for the task.



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