PBSC Donation: The Road to Day Zero

Here is the latest on Superman Obi Wan Muhammed Ali Houdini 2012, aka, the guy getting my stem cells. His such and such levels are dropping closer to where they need to be, but it is still up in the air if he will be ready to get the transplant. They’re going to do a test Sunday and let me know Monday.

If it’s a go, I’m off to Boston that very day for my first shot of what I like to call  “stuff to make me super-produce blood stem cells.”  Then three days of shots at home.

And then (date redacted for privacy) is D-Day and I think the next day is when Superman gets the transplant. As I mentioned before, they call it his “Day Zero.”  That’s so they can count from there to chart his progress. For example, “You’re at Day 30 and you’re doing good” when he hits the one month mark. In other words, when he gets the transplant, he still has a long way to go. The transplant he’s fought so hard to get to is, in a way, just the start.

That’s really been sticking with me lately: Day Zero. Just get to Day Zero, Guy.

(Please consider getting on the marrow donor registry today.)

While I’m here, let me put up the link to  my PBSC donor entries in order. The main point of this blog  is to let anyone who stumbles upon it see how the process works, how it’s doable, how it’s important. So I wanted to let people start at the start ’cause it’s getting kind of long.

START HERE  and then follow the “previous page” arrows which bring you more and more current. Kind of like Back to The Future. lol.

And  please, take a sec to go to BeTheMatch.org  and order up a home-swab kit and get on the registry. So many people just like you and me – different only because they’re sick— are being told “Chemo can’t help you anymore. You need a bone marrow transplant.”  And they’re learning their loved ones don’t match. And they’re thinking …God only knows what they’re thinking.

Because the truth is, this dude isn’t Superman. He’s just a guy, someone’s loved one – dad, husband, grandpa, brother, best friend. And there’s thousands of people out there like him– needing a transplant and just trying to get to Day Zero.  You can get on that registry and maybe be the match for someone.  Maybe YOU can get him or her, that mom or brother or daughter or husband or grammy – to Day Zero.  Think about it.

“We’re not too big
And we’re not too tough
But when we work together
We’ve got the right stuff” 

-The Wonder Pets


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