Not this time….

So, this is another one of those bad reports. I got to Dana Farber today. It was all kind of touch and go because as I said, I didnt know til about 10 or 11 if I was on or off.  My caseworker Stacey greeted me. I was all excited. She was not. In the very short time between when she and I got the go ahead til right then, other tests had come back for Superman, and they were not good. As we were speaking, he was waiting on bone marrow biospy results which basically shows if he relapses back into the leukemia or not.  I guess it was a judgement call on someone’s part to give us the thumbs up too early. Stacey had tried to get ahold of me before I got in.  But there I was waiting– not after my shot to see if I had side effects, but to see if I would even get the shot at all.

It turns out, I wouldn’t. The Guy has relapsed. And now, well, I don’t know. I have to wait and hear what happens next. I’m not a doctor. I can’t predict what his chances are of staging another comeback. I don’t know. I feel very sad for his family. This has been a horrible roller coaster and an unrelenting one.  I didnt even know if it was going to go through this morning, so I dont think I feel as upset as I otherwise might have. I think I was beginning to get happy about it, but it’s been such a twisting thing.

I just really bad for him and his family.

There isn’t a lot of rhyme or reason to a lot of what happens, like this guy getting so close to the thing he really needed and then this happens.  I mean, he was five days away this time. ..I don’t know. It’s not in my hands. We all just have to try to do the best we can when we can.

I know this is sort of coming across like, all considered, a negative thing to be involved in – but it isn’t.   I really, really urge people to visit and get on the registry. You could save a life. That’s a pretty cool thing to do.

Thanks to everyone who’s been following this story.   I’ll keep you posted.



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