Save the Children, Dawgs.

I’m not a big Randy Jackson fan. Let me rephrase that. I am not a Randy Jackson fan. lol.  At least not of the persona on American Idol. However, I just read his brief, heartfelt, concise invitiation to Americans to take part in Save The Children/USA’s Valentine’s Day drive.  

It’s being co-sponsored by Julianne Moore (not a big fan of Julianne Moore. Let me rephrase that….lol) . Basically, you buy cool limited edition cards designed by famous kids book illustrators (I think. Read the article lol.) And the money goes to domestic programs for STC. 

 Here’s the link to Randy Jackson’s article. It’s a quick and thought-provoking read.


Save The Children is associated in many people’s minds with foreign development. But the truth is they have a wide range of programs here in the USA in many poor areas like the Mississippi Delta and Appalachia.  (I had a sponsor kid in Mississippi for a while.)  So if you’re looking for a domestic program to show a little Valentine’s Day love, there’s one. Beats a box of candy. Well, no it doesn’t, but it’s good though. lol.

Good job, Randy Jackson and Julianne Moore. Now I want chocolate…


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