A Day For Champions

So, I’m thinking about Super Bowl snacks. I’m thinking about the big bucks being forked over for ads, the fat revenue the lucky host network is going to get, and then back to snacks. Because eventually, for me, it always comes back to snacks.

And then I read this blog entry from Haiti. 

 In a nutshell, it’s a story of a kid named Jn Edward who has been on his own in rural Haiti and is really sick and basically …well, it’s like so many other blog entries about kids in Haiti. Sad, depicting a harsh life, a little bit hopeful, but sobering.

And then I’m back to think of all those Super Bowl things again, all those millions. The team salaries. The ticket prices. And ad dollars, and beer sales, and snacks. 

Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for a fun day and for parties and fanfare and all of that. I’m not trying to be a buzz kill.

I’m just thinking….and feeling….like maybe…. we can both have this party and also make this day about something beyond it. Consider this:

If everyone in America watching the Super Bowl  gave one dollar tomorrow to his or her favorite cause, about 80-100 million dollars would be raised. That’s insane. Now I know I’m a little late to get 80-100 million people to start making donations today, but, maybe I could get a few.

So here is my challenge. Each person who wants to play along at home: just choose your favorite charity and donate to them however much you spent on snacks or beer or whatever it may be you splurged on for the Big Game.

 Or, hey, some portion of it.  You pick how much and who it goes to. But do it. (And yes, Im sort of ripping off my sister’s Thanksgiving challenge idea lol.)

You can leave a comment here if you’re going to play along. Or on my FB. Or don’t even tell anyone. Just do it. Online Sunday. Or in your own time. But do it, for real. Because what tops off a fun day better than knowing you helped someone else?

Drops in the bucket. Every drop counts. Drop as you see fit.

Thanks for reading, and GO PATS!!


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