Need To Know

So here’s something happening…In a region of Sudan, the Nuba Mountains, families are being forced to live in rock crevices and “caves” to avoid being bombed by their own government. The same government has shut down humanitarian aid so these Nuba region families are on the brink of starvation and there is very limited medical care.

It’s startling, that picture. Those are KIDS living in those rocks…

The reason the Nuba people are being bombed by the Sudanese government is there is a rebel group living in the region. The government doesn’t seem to care what happens to civilians as it attacks the rebels.

Nick Kristof of the NYTimes is the guy who publicized this last week.

You can read his articles about it:




For more indepth coverage, there’s Eric Reeves.

I know this sounds like just more abstract bad news from a faraway place.  I know  I can get international crises fatigue myself. But…

BUT I saw the pictures and the video (below) and I felt like I had to read about it and see what’s going on.

I mean, it’s kids living under rocks.

If nothing else, it inspired me to give up complaining for Lent. And I hope it inspires me to do something more like find out what I can even do.

Here’s a video by Mr. Kristof.  I hope you’ll give it a view. It explains things pretty succinctly.

As always, drop as you see fit.


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