Food, Feet, and Feeling Welcome

So, the other day, I joined  Friend of the Blog Terri for a breakfast excursion to the new Middleboro-based community kitchen All Are Welcome, run by Karen Cook, sister of our friend Kristina.

AAW has an amazingly simple and good premise: come in, eat, pay what you can. A  suggested donation amount is delivered instead of a bill and you drop it in a bowl as you leave. Your donation goes to fund the meal of  future patrons who can’t afford the meal. And if you are among those short on cash, you’re invited to eat anyhow– all are welcome! — and volunteer some time to support the place.

I always think feeding someone is the most basic, good thing you can do. I love that Karen and her group put this thought into action. Right now, AAW runs a breakfast Saturdays from 730-1030 at Church of Our Savior Hall (60 Union St, Middleboro).   She hopes to expand to more days, more meals, and a locale  AAW can call its own.

Right now though, AAW is already smooth, professional, super-friendly, low-key operation serving up a surprisingly diverse menu – including some reallly good french toast.  The prices are great, especially when you consider it’s going to help other people get a good breakfast.  And I have to say, and this didn’t occur to me til after I left, but I was impressed by the size of the portions which I would call robust but reasonable.  They  really struck the proper balance between filling you up but not piling on the food to a wasteful degree like you see at too many restaurants.  I don’t know how they make those decisions, but it seemed in keeping with their overall sensitivity to food and hunger issues.

When we were there, the crowd included people of all ages – kids to seniors – and everyone looked like they were having a good time and a good meal.  It did seem like All Are Welcome was making everyone feel that way.

If you want to support this local effort to build community and fill bellies, you can “like” All Are Welcome, on FB to keep apprised of news and get their contact info   or stop by for breakfast.


There is also a special, time-sensitive invitation to help. AAW is walking the Walk for Hunger this weekend. Yes, they cook and then they walk….

They’re looking for people to donate a mere $5 so they can meet their goal of just under $600.   The Walk for Hunger as many of you know supports food banks and other food-related programs across Massachusetts.  Walkers do 20 miles (!) for the cause.

You can donate to their team by clicking here or sending a check made out to Project Bread to: PO Box 1244, Middleboro, 02346.

Food insecurity is a huge program just about everywhere. In Massachusetts, the numbers are sobering.  In about a year’s time, people “at risk for being hungry”  increased 20%.  Check out the Walk for Hunger page for more facts.

So, if you’re interested in putting your drop in the bucket to help alleviate some of this local burden,  those are a couple of ways that have crossed my path lately. Drop as you see fit.

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