All Aunties Eve


As is known, the night before Mother’s Day is All Aunties Eve, wherein aunties post bragging points about their neices and nephews. Towit:

My nephew, BSJ, is a soccer Jedi, it’s true. And he did score a goal this season (lifetime record: 3). But, what Im bragging on here is that when it came for end of the year awards, he was recognized for being the team’s most flexible utility man who listened best to the coach.  The force is strong in that one…

My niece, SMJ, read 27 young adult books this year, 20 more than anyone else in her class, and was elected captain of her class book trivia team. But what is outstanding here is how Captain S graciously giggled and kept trying right through the end even as her team got obiliterated by the other team …in front of the whole school.  Sometimes, it’s about the fun and the challenge. Five points for Griffyndor!

My neice LND scored goals in back to back soccer games, yes, but here is my brag about her: when I asked her about her team, she launched into a list of the specific strengths of her teammates which she had clearly really thought about and didn’t say a word about herself.  And not a negative word about anyone. (And she also knew Fredick Law Olmstead designed the park where her league plays. Im just saying..)

And let’s not forget the younger two.

RJD continues to show excellent naturalist skills, making sure Gandhi the turtle is fed every Monday while also maintaining the integrity of the 93 Beach Street Ant and Worm Relocation Program. And he has broken several landspeed records for “Most Questions Asked Per Hour” (3 year old division.)

As for JMD, his musical acumen is more fully displayed each week with progress including strumming the guitar the right way and creating both music and lyrics on the spot for the new song  “We Finally Got Some of Pa’s Candies” [ (c)JakeDanesco, 2012).  He remains peerless in his ability to accesorize, pairing just recently a baseball cap with an uninflated innertube boa and one knit mitten. Tres chic.

This concludes Aunties Eve. You may now proceed to brunch.


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