Half Way

Wow, almost June. Almost halfway through the year.  What has happened in the world of One Page For?

-The year of blogging about children was declared. (Mixed results so far…)

– Current events make me realize we need to pay more attention to how prejudice, no matter how subconscious, effects children in this country.

-Learned about a new crises in Sudan….

Cool new local community-building-and-feeding group discovered! Delicious!

-Figured out I can donate money to Sheepfold School via PayPal.  And gave a much deserved round of applause to Medika Mamba

I’m going to sincerely endeavor to do more this next six months – more reporting, more meeting of new experiences, more news and link sharing, more reflective and analyzing. And? Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading so far in 2012!



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