So I’m going to think of a type or group of people –

….and I’m not just saying this, I am really going to try this- Im going to think of a group of people

…a group I tend to pre-judge a little, assume I know how they will think, act, react, feel, or what they will say…

…a group about whom I tend to believe a little too much the stereotypes when someone says “Well, you know how THEY are…”

…a group I might stereotype on my own, because I have a bad experience once with someone from that group…

…  a group I tend to look at as different from me, and as a little off-putting because of that

…a group where I say “Well, I wouldn’t be mean to one but …”

And I’m going to try a little every day TO STOP THINKING LIKE THAT.

Maybe you will, too.

And maybe if I do and you do then other people will around us, too, and communities will be places where we look at people who have differences– and we know all the ways people can be different: religions, sexual orientations, politics, races, nations of birth, languages,  skin color, income or whatever else— and stop  seeing them as threats– and we know all the ways we can see others as threats— to our way of life, our freedom, our safety, our children, and all this other stuff. 

It won’t be considered with just another shrug to talk about how someone else is disgusting or inferior or less human…just for being different. It won’t be socially okay to harass someone, or use social media to anonymously tear her or him down. It won’t be okay to blame some other group for your problems. It won’t be considered good clean fun to  vent all the ugliness and stereotypes as if this isn’t real people we’re talking about.

Instead,  it will all be considered abnormal. And it will be considered sad.  And it will become very rare.

I think it starts with me, trying. 

Or at least, that’s all I can think of to do today.

“Watch your thoughts, they become words.  Watch your words, they become actions..”  –  attributed to Gandhi and others

“Tonight we are all Sikhs,” someone said.    And every night,  let’s remember we’re all human.


One thought on “Try

  1. In keeping with your thoughts, I don’t want to judge, but this sounds like borderline decent humanity, without any other labels. Is there such a thing? hmmm.

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