After the storm….


So, we’ve all watched a lot of horrible storm footage lately on the news. Pictures and video put the destruction of the mid-Atlantic right in our living rooms, wherever we lived.  In the midst of this coverage and the aid efforts, the story of what Sandy did before it hit the U.S sort of got lost.

Today, I got the following letter from Little Brothers of the Good Shepherd, the religious order which runs Sheepfold of The Good Shepherd School & Orphanage.  It explains this part of the story:

“Within three months, two storms have caused severe damage in Haiti, Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy. Brother Luc say that whatever was left following Isaac has been destroyed by Sandy and the farm in Leogane *) looks like a desert. Crops everywhere have been destroyed and everyone in Haiti is now forced to purchase food at the market which is very difficult to come by and extremely expensive. The hurricanes have left even more people homeless and as a result more neighborhood people are being fed daily at the orphanage. Thankfully, everyone at the orphanage survived the storms, although many are sick with cholera.”

You can read more about the situation in Haiti here.

This has been a season of great destruction. When there’s need close to home, sometimes among people you personally know, it’s tough to go further afield with your generosity.

But this is also a season of extra gratitude and extra giving. And if you have it in your means to give a little to Sheepfold School, you can do so with a click of the mouse through their website and paypal.  Make a notation “Haiti mission” on the paypal donor form under “purpose” to assure your funding will go to the school/orphanage and all the people being served there.

You really will be helping people get a meal and giving Fr Luc and his school a chance to keep pace with the needs there in a very difficult time.


There are many good causes out there. This is only one, I realize.  [To help domestically: American Red Cross ]

So, as always, drop your drop in the bucket as you see fit.

Thanks for reading, and again, Happy Thanksgiving,



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