Thanks A-Z

So, in two days I make a trip to Chicago, or more specifically, South Holland, where I will partake of the best kind of Thanksgiving dinner: the one someone else cooks!  In tribute to the season,  here is an alphabetical list of 26 things for which I am thankful:

Auntiehood. Obviously.

Becca’s Facebook friends. Whenever this blog spikes in readers, it’s because my sister Becca has shared a post on Facebook and her friends, many of whom don’t even know me, take time to read it. Thanks to her and to them.

Captain America. Obviously.

Donors. Thanks to all my friends who are on the National Bone Marrow Donor registry!

Enough of everything I need to have a good life, and then some.

Fr. Luc Joliecoer who runs Sheepfold School in Haiti

Guidance from friends and family who share their insights into social issues and life issues.

Health Insurance. So glad I have it. Let’s everyone have that.

Ivanek, Zeljko. Actor Zeljko Ivanek, for stopping for a photo and autograph at Lincoln Center. Made my month!

Jimmy’s Pizzeria, East Walpole. Best pizza, best price.

Kids who behave.

Loyal readers. The core of friends and family who read this blog every entry and often comment. Thank you so much for making me feel heard and appreciated!

Mom & Dad


Options, so lucky to have so many

People who work  for little money, without fame, in dangerous places, to help others

Quiet. We all need it and can’t always find it, so I appreciate it when I have it.

Real Hope For Haiti Rescue Center and Clinic. They’re amazing!

Social workers who help other people’s kids and are awesome parents to their own

Teachers who help other people’s kids and are awesome parents to their own

Uncensored press and speech

Voting Rights


X-Ray Vision. I have it. It’s awesome!

Yard. Good pumpkins this year, people.

Zoloft (see previous post lol)

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks so much for reading!



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