Reading List, Memorial Day 2013

On Memorial Day,  a lot of things get read.  Here’s some things I think are worth looking at today:

The story of Keith Benson who died in Afghanistan. The side street next to my brother’s house is now named for him.

Names (and faces) of all the men and women who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq.  There are 6648 of them.

Article on the 6500 veteran suicides in 2012

Story about the mental health needs of military families

Another article in veteran suicides.

Article on Korean War vet who was KIA and whose remains were just identified and buried.

Map of the Middle East

List of Names on the Vietnam Memorial

War Dead from WWII

A story of a Roslindale kid killed in Vietnam.

Reflections on a kid who died in The Civil War

A Civil War veteran from my old neighborhood

And this poem.

And also this poem. Every Memorial Day, this poem  



Let’s honor the war dead by supporting the needs of their colleagues and families:

Help vets through the VA

Support Fisher House

Support Homes for Our Troops

And by, the best we can, making the world a place more conducive to lasting peace.




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