200, Far And Away

I work in a high school, and for the life of me, I cannot visualize, or really, even imagine, what it would be if armed men invaded our school and ran off with 200 – or more – of our female students. I literally cannot call to mind what that would even look like. I can see other things, unfortunately, such as school violence – but this thing in Nigeria,  I can’t imagine it here in the US.


What do we here at OnePageFor  know about Nigeria  (this is from a few years ago…)?  Oil rich, but with many impoverished people.  Exploited by outside companies and insider politicians. Split between Christians and Muslims.  Boko Harem, an extremist group, has killed 4000 people this year in the name of their religious beliefs. And now,  it seems, they have taken these kids.

My sister, who is a mom of a daughter, has been expressing outrage about how little this mass kidnapping has appeared on the news. It’s picking up now, getting attention from Nick Kristof and others. But why did that take so long? she asks.

Good question. Is it because it’s so far and away from us? Is it because “this is what happens”  in places we consider totally foreign? Are we immune to horrible things now? Or have we just given up on thinking we can do anything about it?

And by “we” here, I mean me. I think one reason I haven’t blogged very much is I have lost confidence that some problems have solutions. Cynicism is really justl the religion of the lazy.

I don’t know what we can do about this one, but it seems worth it to remember to not let myself  off the hook about caring – just because something is far away — and to stay away from the toxic belief that this is “normal” somewhere.

Taking 200 kids from their moms and dads and selling them into sex slavery is not normal anywhere by any stretch.

Let’s keep posted and keep caring. Every drop counts.

Thanks for reading as always, and thanks Becca for the push in the right direction,

final starfish




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