Prove It.

A friend recently posted a sweet news item-  this:
I love this little dude’s thinking and it sounds like his mom is giving him beautiful open-mindedness….
I have to add though, while it’s good the kids look with innocent eyes, we adults owe it to all children to acknowledge there are hundreds of differences between the white boy and the black boy when it comes to quality of life in America.
The more we “don’t see color” and deny that these discrepencies exist, the more they will persist even in 2017.
They have differences when it comes to their odds of: getting hired in the future, in what they will earn. They have differences in whether they will be followed around by security in a store, be suspended in school for the same incident, be arrested and imprisoned for the same crime, be assaulted by cops (yeah, I said it, because it’s true).
They have different chances of having a lead movie super hero who looks like them….or a teacher, principal, counselor, judge, senator or boss.
They have different chances of themselves or their families getting optimal medical advice when someone goes to the ER, different odds their mom, sister or future wife will die instead of recover she gets breast cancer or heart disease, different odds of a member of their family dying if he or she has HIV-AIDS.
These kids have different odds of getting asthma.
These two kids have different odds of dying of asthma.
These two kids have different life expectancies.
Let me repeat that:
In 2017, these two beautiful little boys have different life expectancies.
What are we going to do about this as a society? What are YOU going to do about it? What am I?
“All lives matter!” people say in response to “Black lives matter.”
Well, my response to “all lives matter” is “Prove it.”
Thanks for reading,

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