(Crossing The) Border Line (Item)

I was just skimming an editorial about migrant kids coming to the US without parents or documents. You can read the editorial here. I don’t know if I totally got the whole of it, but the point I’m about to make isn’t inspired by the editorial anyhow. It’s about the responses in the comments section. I … Continue reading


After the Paris attacks, I found myself looking up the French Resistance of WWII and discovering things like this poster: The below is inspired by these things and by the many people who, in the last 24 hours, have been doing random acts of kindness of all types.  I don’t know why I decided to google translate it into … Continue reading

Game Time

This may be a stretch but, in a way, isn’t life sometimes a big fantasy football league draft? We have options, a lot of them if we’re lucky, and we make choices. We gamble that one option is better than another given what we know.  We look how combinations of choices may work together, at … Continue reading



So, not surprisingly, I got lost the other day trying to go to a job interview in Boston. I ended up overshooting my mark and driving around in the Longwood Medical area. At some point I realized I hadn’t been down that way since a few years ago when I almost did that stem cell … Continue reading