Follow up…

So, it’s been quite a while since the last blogging. Also, since the last flogging. What?  I wanted to follow up on pieces before about military suicide rates and the struggles of veterans.  I just found this article which I think is worth a read for people interested in this issue. The article discusses this … Continue reading

Reading List, Memorial Day 2013

On Memorial Day,  a lot of things get read.  Here’s some things I think are worth looking at today: The story of Keith Benson who died in Afghanistan. The side street next to my brother’s house is now named for him. Names (and faces) of all the men and women who have died in Afghanistan … Continue reading

Seven Reasons I Love Nina Simone

Nina Simone was born February 21st, 1933.  That’s 80 years ago. But what’s more notable to me is it’s one day after my birthday, the 20th.  Though, granted, I wasn’t born in 1933!.  I’d forgotten about this bond until I saw a photo array in Time celebrating Ms. Simone’s 80th. (She died in 2003…) .   … Continue reading


So,  it is 2013.  I find it’s tragedy that inspires me to come here and put up the first entry. Hadiya Pendleton was murdered  in the last week of the first month of the new year by a man with a gun in the city of Chicago.  She died in a park that Google Maps … Continue reading